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Mary Ann DeKing is the country's top long-term care insurance specialist. She helps people make smart long-term care plans. Plan and Care is where caring is as important as planning.


Plan and Care Insurance Services is home to Mary Ann DeKing with her unique skills and experience as she helps people across the nation plan for the high costs and burdens of Long-Term Care. She really understands “Caring” is as important as “Planning”. Plan and Care represents all the top names in Long-Term Care Planning.

Affordable Solutions

Helping clients nationwide, Mary Ann takes the time to listen to your concerns. She matches your age, health and specific concerns with the appropriate coverage with the right company so you can have an affordable plan. This provides you not only with asset protection but peace-of-mind.

Protect Assets

You work hard to save for a successful future or current retirement. You don’t want the high costs of Long-Term Care impact you or your spouse’s lifestyle. Affordable Long-Term Care Insurance will safeguard your 401(k), IRA, 403(b) from the costs of extended care. In addition, it will reduce the tremendous burden it places on your family. 

About Mary Ann DeKing

Mary Ann DeKing entered the long-term care insurance industry following her father’s six year journey through many hospitals, caregivers, assisted living facilities and finally a nursing home. In addition to the emotional turmoil that was placed on her family, she saw his care expenses at home were high.

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Humans Don't Age Like a Fine Wine - Plan for Longevity Younger

Humans Don't Age Like a Fine Wine - Plan for Longevity Younger

May 26th, 2018
Humans don't age like a fine wine, but we do live a long-time. Longevity requires an advance plan including Long-Term Care Insurance. A new study says the longer you wait the bigger chance health issues will prevent you from obtaining coverage.
Millions Being Paid in Long-Term Care Insurance Benefits

Millions Being Paid in LTC Insurance Benefits

May 26th, 2018
American families were paid over $9.2 Billion is Long-Term Care Insurance benefits in 2017. A new study shows the largest claim has paid $2.6 million to one person.
Long-Term Care Insurance Delivers Care at Home

Long-Term Care Insurance Delivers Care at Home

May 26th, 2018
A new study shows most Long-Term Care Insurance claims start with care at home. While most people think the insurance just pays for nursing homes the reality is the opposite. In 2017 Over $9.2 Billion in benefits were paid to American families.
Visual Memories, Including Pets, Help with Transition into Long-Term Care

Visual Memories Help with Transition into Long-Term Care

April 24th, 2018
A person's transition into a long-term care facility can benefit with use of photographs and mementos, including pet drawings, to ease fears. Advance planning will make life's transitions easier on the whole family.
Barbara Bush's Death Highlights End-Of-Life Care

Barbara Bush's Death Highlights End-Of-Life Care

April 24th, 2018
Many people don't think of end-of-life issues. Hospice, comfort care or palliative care makes it easier on both the person and the family. Barbara Bush's end-of-life decision may bring comfort to other families.
Losing Weight After Age 60

Weight Loss After Age 60

April 24th, 2018
Losing weight can be a challenge at any age, however after 60 it becomes harder. Being over-weight increases health issues and your risk for long-term care. An advance plan for longevity prior to retirement is key.
7 Reasons Why Long-Term Care Insurance Eases Burden on Family

7 Reasons Why Long-Term Care Insurance Eases Burden

March 28th, 2018
Longevity has a big impact on your savings and your family. Affordable Long-Term Care Insurance will ease the burdens on you and family. These are the 7 reasons why.
High-Net-Worth Individuals Find Value in Long-Term Care Insurance

High-Net-Worth Individuals Value in LTC Insurance

March 28th, 2018
Longevity has become a key part of retirement planning. The costs and burdens of aging impact high net-worth families as well as those with minimal savings. Long-Term Care planning is prudent for both.
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